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Trade Show Table Runners

Custom Table Runners, Printed in ViViD color

“That’s amazing!” That’s you, YOU’RE amazing. You’ve earned people’s attention allowing you to confidently share your purpose. It’s exactly what you deserve.

Creating that positive first impression is critical, and at a trade show or any LIVE event, you have very little time to actually distinguish yourself.
Telling your story quickly and effectively starts - simply - by easing ...

...all uncertainties so you can focus on what’s most important - your message..

Mikayla was nervous. This was going to be her first time exhibiting at a trade show and she wasn’t quite sure what to expect or how to prepare. On top it, the trade show she was attending - the New Orleans Sports Expo - was in its first year, so she was feeling some anxiety over all of the uncertainty.

But, she knew what she had to do.

As an athlete herself, Mikayla had always felt anxious the morning of a big race. In fact, in high school, her nerves became so intense she’d have to quickly run out of class and sprint down the hall to the bathroom to throw-up. Usually she made it.

Embarrassed and depleted of valuable nutrients, Mikayla knew she had to do something to be at her very best. Before her senior year, she started meeting with a Sports Psychologist who encouraged her to focus on what she could control and to visualize success. Mikayla created a daily routine and began concentrating on her own preparation, instead of obsessing over the end result of winning or losing. This was her process; now whenever she felt nervous she could fall back on her routine and find comfort in knowing she had the right process for the right results. Mikayla accepted she couldn’t control the outcome - whether someone sprinted faster than her on any given day - but she could control her own preparation.

It worked.

As a senior, Mikayla set three high school records, then walked on to the LSU Track & Field Team, eventually earning a full scholarship and blossoming into an Academic All-American sprinter. She double-majored in sports psychology and sports science with a dream to inspire other young athletes to reach their full potential through mind and body.

After college, Mikayla launched a sports consulting agency, which had slowly gained clients, but still needed to grow. So, when she saw her former teammate’s new product advertised in her social media feed, she felt compelled to reach out to see if there was an opportunity for synergy.

Her teammate’s post was fairly simple. It was a picture of the new product - a protein bar - sitting on a table covered by a black table runner with logo. The logo table runner was sharp, accentuating the vibrant full-color logo and product’s name: “Packed Protein.”

Underneath the picture was text with this description:
“Packed Protein is the perfect post-workout snack. With more nutritional value than other protein bars, ‘Packed Protein’ helps to rebuild muscles so you can recover quickly and come back strong. Made with 20g of whey and milk protein, ‘Packed Protein’ comes in Chocolate, Vanilla, or Salted Caramel.”

Mikayla sent her former teammate - who she hadn’t talked with in at least seven years, although they’d traded online likes & comments from time-to-time - a DM (direct message) asking if she’d want to connect in-person, to which she quickly received an enthusiastic reply: “YES!”

Later that week, the two met up for a drink; they spent hours reminiscing on their college days at LSU and catching up on the busyness of their current lives. Mikayla opened up about her slow-growing business and asked her former teammate about her plans for “Packed Protein.” After awhile, and over the many discussions the following few weeks, the two strongly believed they could help each other expand.

They’d start at the 1st Annual New Orleans Sports Expo, which was attracting thousands of fitness professionals - coaches, trainers, gym owners, and retail store buyers - from around Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama and Arkansas. It was lining up to be an extremely unique event with fitness competitions (Strongman, Powerlifting, and Bodybuilding) and exhibit booths in a 36-thousand square foot arena.

The two felt this could be a cost effective way to form new partnerships and reach a larger market. By focusing on the “support local” angle, they could team together with these fitness professionals and vendors incentivizing them with an exclusive deal to sell “Packed Protein” bars in their gyms at a discounted price.

Mikayla was nervous. She wasn’t quite sure what to expect, how to prepare, or even what size the table at her booth was going to be. There were so many uncertainties and she really wanted to win this event.

So, Mikayla took a breathe, visualized success, and connected with us at tradeshow-stuff.

Our Table Runner with Logo eases all uncertainties, adapting to any situation to properly place the focus on your purpose. This logo table runner is dye-sublimation printed with your logo in full ViViD color on any of our premium fabric colors to make your designs pop. Made of 300D polyester with hemmed edges, our trade show table runner is wrinkle-resistant, machine washable, easy to carry yet remains extremely durable providing the versatility you desire for indoor or outdoor events. Create your own custom table runner with logo as it comes in the size you need for the affordable price you deserve (our table runner logo is very affordable, NOT cheap).

Making a marvelous first impression in just seconds can seem overwhelming.

You’re at the right place.

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