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How many colors can my logo have for the price I see online?
You can have any number of colors in your logo. All colored logos are printed using full-color print methods.
PMS colors
PMS colors are recommended for all critical colors. When a PMS color is used in the artwork, we print using the CMYK values from Pantone's Plus Series Color Bridge (coated). These values are the mixtu
What is Vector Art?
Vector art (commonly known as line art) is made up of lines and curves defined by mathematical objects called vectors (thus the name). Vector art can easily be enlarged to any size (ie: as big as a h
Difference between Table Cover Imprint Types
Classic Imprinted, Simple Applique, Signature Color, Vivid Color Dye Sub, & Full Print Dye Sublimation
Preparing print-ready files
Preparing print-ready files. Questions? call 800.969.9913 Follow this link for instructions on properly preparing your full-color artwork to be print-ready using our preferred Adobe Photoshop T
Do you provide a proof before production?
Your artwork will be readied for production after which a Digital Artwork Confirmation (FREE) will be created and emailed to your for final approval before your order is entered into production
How do I measure my table legs for a Contour Table Cover?
Table leg measurements are not the same for all tables. For best fit, provide us with the leg measurements of your table(s). If custom leg measurements are NOT provided, standard leg measuremen
How can I care for my dye-sublimation printed table cover/runner or other dye-sublimation printed fabric graphic?
Fabric Care : [download instructions]
How can I care for my imprinted table cover?
Fabric Care : Machine wash separately on extra delicate cycle using cold water & mild detergent (Woolite®). Tumble dry on ultra low/delicate heat setting for 8-10 mins (less dry setting). Do not iro
How to view a print file at actual print size?
View at actual Size : [download instructions]
Will my Flat Panel Monitor fit on a VESA mounting bracket?
Will my Flat Panel Monitor fit on a VESA mounting bracket? This may be a question that you are asking yourself when searching for a tv monitor stand, cart or wall mount. VE
What’s the difference between RGB & CMYK?
RGB color was not designed for commercial printing of color graphics, CMYK was. Therefore, for best results, your artwork should be created in CMYK (not RGB and then converted) from the very start. CM
What software should I use to design my Dye-sub Tent graphics?
Adobe Illustrator is the preferred design software for all large scale displays. Any photos should be enlarged to proper size and resolution in photoshop, then placed and embedded in the Illustrator
What is Dye-sublimation?
Dye-sublimation is a digital printing technology that allows us to create beautiful and permanent colors that are embedded in the fabric. Just design your artwork to the template, and the entire full-
How do I convert fonts to outlines in my Illustrator file?
Download instructions here