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Ground Service Map
Shipping from ZIP/Postal code: 55303

This map illustrates service schedules in business days as of October 2016 for FedEx Ground shipments.

Please note:
The map above is a general representation of transit times for FedEx Ground shipments to commercial destinations. In limited areas, transit times may differ between shipments to commercial and residential destinations. For specific transit time information from one ZIP/Postal code to another, please go to Get Rates & Transit Times under the Ship tab on fedex.com.
FedEx Ground business days are Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). FedEx Home Delivery business days are Tuesday through Saturday (excluding holidays).

Example: A package shipped via FedEx Ground on Monday with a transit schedule of 2 business days, (not including the day the package is shipped) would be expected for delivery on Wednesday. A package shipped on Friday with a 2-day transit schedule would be expected for delivery the following Tuesday.

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