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Send Files in 3 Easy Steps
click to begin upload note: please take time to review the instructions below before you begin to send us your files.

Step 1: Review the instructions below before proceeding to send us your files.
Step 2: Click the blue "send us your files" button. Note: You will be transferred to our HighTail site.
Step 3: Drag your file(s) to the browser window, enter your name, email address, any message about the artwork you're sending and click UPLOAD.


1. Production-ready file types accepted by our production, .eps, .pdf, .tif and psd. NOTE: vector art (.ai or .eps) is required for all table coverings.
2. Non-production ready file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .ps, .png, .bmp, .fmv, .pub, .ppt, .doc, .docx, .svg, .cdr, .htm, .html, .rtf, .xps are not production-ready file formats and will require additional work. Contact our sales staff (800.969.9913) if you have one of these file types you need to send us.
3. Files names cannot contain invalid punctuation characters: Your file name(s) should not include any of the following punctuation characters !@#$%^&*(){}<>?\+=/ as they may not be readable. All invalid characters should be removed before you begin to send us your files.
4. Maximum file size: All files must be smaller than 1GB. Contact our sales staff for instructions (800.969.9913) if your file(s) do not meet with this requirement.
Last updated: 04/12/2017