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Hand Sanitizer Stations and Stands

tradeshow-stuff is ready to support you through COVID-19 with our portable floor-standing sanitizer stations. Let us assist you in getting back to business with safety in mind as you encourage disinfectant practices for employees and clients. Place our Sanitizer Stations in your show booth as well as office, entryways, hallways, common areas and restrooms.

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Touchless Hand Sanitizing Stand; Made in USA Touchless Hand Sanitizer Stand Complete Kit

Reg Price: $389.00
Sale Price: $277.00
Hands-free Temperature and Hand Sanitizing Stand Hands-free Temperature-Hand Sanitizer Stand Kit

Reg Price: $349.00
Sale Price: $297.00
Desktop Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Touchless Hand Sanitizer Desktop Dispenser

Reg Price: $189.00
Sale Price: $167.00
MOD-9004 Hand Sanitizing Stand Hand Sanitizer Stand | MOD-9004

Reg Price: $199.00
Sale Price: $185.00
MOD-9001 Hand Sanitizing Stand Hand Sanitizer Stand | MOD-9001

Reg Price: $399.00
Sale Price: $347.00
MOD-9003 Hand Sanitizing Stand with Graphic Hand Sanitizer Stand w/ Graphic | MOD-9003

Reg Price: $469.00
Sale Price: $433.00
MOD-9001G Hand Sanitizing Stand with 9" x 40" Side Graphic Hand Sanitizer Stand w/ Side Graphic | MOD-9001G

Reg Price: $499.00
Sale Price: $460.00
MOD-9002 Hand Sanitizing Stand with 13" x 13" Header Graphic Hand Sanitizer Station w/ Header Graphic | MOD-9002

Reg Price: $599.00
Sale Price: $553.00