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Trade Show Table Covers - Custom Printed

“Wow, who is that?”
That is YOU everyone's talking about. You’re the center of attention because your presentation is instantly sparking curiosity. It’s exactly what you deserve.
Creating that positive first impression is critical and, at a tradeshow or any LIVE event, you have very little time to actually distinguish yourself.
Telling your story quickly and effectively starts - simply - by hiding those ugly legs. ...

The table’s legs (not yours).

Drew could not believe he’d let this seemingly small detail cost him a lucrative connection. Not Drew. The small details are his speciality. In fact, when Drew received his recent promotion to Director at the solar energy company he works for, his CEO told the entire staff (in an email) Drew’s "attention to the minutia within the organization” was the reason.

Now, standing in line to board a flight back home from the Green Technology Industry Expo in Las Vegas, Drew was replaying the costly interaction in his head. His confidence shaken, he was still trying to figure out what he was going to tell his CEO. After all, the top priority for this entire trip to Vegas was to secure a future meeting with this one important prospective Business Owner and that wasn’t going to happen anymore.

On top of it, his mind racing, Drew started thinking: how many business opportunities did we miss out on because other people noticed the same thing?

Placing his carry-on in the overhead compartment and taking his seat in the main cabin of the plane, Drew began to recognize he had three options. 1) Drew could lie to his CEO by fabricating a story to make this one important prospective Business Owner look bad. 2) Drew could downplay the costly interaction and provide hollow hope for a future meeting. 3) Drew could tell the truth.

The truth is - it was Drew’s decision to pass on purchasing a trade show table cover despite the constant urging from his team. Drew was convinced everyone’s attention would be on his presentation - the innovative panels, LED lights, and bright screens with animated graphs proving energy savings - and didn’t think a table cover would make a difference.

However, as soon he arrived to the Green Tech Expo in Las Vegas, Drew realized the blank black piece of fabric he’d brought to wrap over his table was too short leaving the ugly, old table legs exposed. Immediately, he knew he’d been wrong about table covers for trade shows, recognizing it’s the small details - good or bad - that get noticed.

Sure, Drew had a sparkling presentation with stunning technology, but he felt increasingly self-aware he was not representing the company in the best possible way. Standing behind that table, all he could think about were the ugly, exposed legs. It was hard to focus; his heart was pounding, his ears were turning red, and his eyes were darting from exhibit to exhibit. Maybe he was obsessing over nothing? Maybe no one would say anything? Maybe he should’ve bought some tradeshow table covers?

Suddenly, she was just right there - this one important prospective Business Owner.

Building this relationship was Drew’s top priority for the entire trip to Vegas, and he knew THIS was his one opportunity to secure a future meeting for his company.

“What kind of coffee are you drinking?” she asked.
“Ummm… what… what do you mean?” Drew stuttered, nervously.
“Coffee. What are you drinking? I see your Starbucks cup under your table there.”

Unbelievable. Drew had purposely placed his coffee under the table so it wouldn’t be a distraction from his presentation, yet there it was as the center of conversation with this one important prospective Business Owner. She wasn’t REALLY interested in coffee or making small talk, this had to be a comment on Drew’s unprofessional look without a display table cover.

The conversation deteriorated quickly, lasting less than two minutes.

As Drew’s plane touched down at home he knew what he had to do: tell the truth. He was going to walk into the CEO’s office and explain his failure in Las Vegas, how his team had urged him to purchase quality trade show display table covers, and - after apologizing profusely - he would offer up a positive solution to avoid this type of mistake in the future.

Team up with us at tradeshow-stuff.

Our Trade Show Table Covers properly place the focus on your purpose by hiding the ugly, old table you’re set up at. They’re developed with premium fabric and printed with your logo to give the versatility you need for indoor or outdoor events and strong enough to stand the test of time. You won’t need any pins or clips here, as our table covers for trade shows come in the size you need, are machine washable, and are affordable. If you're looking for trade show table covers cheap, our's our very affordable!

Making a marvelous first impression in just seconds can be overwhelming, and we’d love to help you.
You’re at the right place.

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