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Trade Show Flooring

“It feels like HOME!” You did that. You created a welcoming environment, where everyone feels comfortable, allowing your message to reach its full potential.
It’s exactly what you deserve.
Creating that positive first impression is critical and, at a tradeshow or any LIVE event, you have very little time to actually distinguish yourself. Telling your story quickly and effectively starts - simply - by saving ...

your feet with our TradeShow Flooring.

Bryce couldn’t understand why Chicago was known as “The Windy City.”

Sure, Lake Michigan kicks up a nice breeze, but Chicago’s annual average wind speed is under 10mph. In fact, and THIS was a fact Bryce liked to point out to anybody willing to listen, Chicago doesn’t even crack the Top 10 windiest cities in the US.

Who cares, though, about Chicago’s long-running nickname?

Bryce cares, and it annoyed him because it was - unintentionally - making his job more difficult.

As an executive of a major clean energy company, Bryce dreamed of turning his hometown - Rochester, Minnesota - into “The Windy City” epicenter. To him, Rochester - the 6th windiest city in America - was the ideal location because the city experiences bitter cold northwest winds sweeping down from Canada in January, followed shortly by warm southwestern breezes moving off the Rockies. Even in the (calmer) summer months - July and August - Rochester is susceptible to extreme thunderstorms that can produce violent winds. On top of it all, Rochester is a booming metro - it’s more than doubled in population the last 40 years - and is stacked with healthcare and technology talent because of the Mayo Clinic.

While turning Rochester into “The Windy City” epicenter was a difficult job, it wasn’t impossible.

To start, Bryce was planning a trip to New Orleans for “Cleanpower 2023,” an enormous exhibition uniting policy leaders, industry experts, and clean energy companies to grow the industry. Last year, this 4-day convention attracted more than 7-thousand people from all 50 states (and 30+ countries) all with a vested interested in growing clean energy business across the wind, solar, storage, hydrogen, and transmission industries.

However, Bryce had competing motives for his trip to Louisiana. Of course, as a clean energy executive, he wanted to learn more about the innovative products, services, and technologies coming to the industry. And, naturally, he wanted to network with particular manufacturers, construction firms, and corporate buyers to see where those relationships might go.

But, he also wanted to put the full-court press on the leaders of “Cleanpower.” Bryce believed if he could recruit this particular event to Rochester - which has a strong infrastructure set up to host - all of these industry experts would see his hometown exactly how he sees it: “The REAL Windy City.”

Wanting his message to reach its full potential, Bryce googled “best trade show flooring” and found us at Tradeshow-Stuff.

Our TradeShow Flooring helps you feel at HOME by creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable. Standing for long hours is grueling on the body, so our trade show booth flooring is specifically designed to save your (and your guests) feet. Adaptability is key for any presentation and with 5 unique styles of flooring for trade show booths - interlocking foam flooring, rollable vinyl, hardwood, carpet, and custom printed - our Tradeshow Floor conveniently sets up giving your presentation the look of a professional showroom in an instant.

Making a marvelous first impression in just seconds is overwhelming.

You’re at the right place for TradeShow Flooring.

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