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Portable Flooring for Trade Shows

"That’s terrific, where did you get it?"
That’s you. YOU are terrific. And, now you’re the center of attention because your presentation has the look of a professional showroom. It’s exactly what you deserve.

Creating that positive first impression is critical and, at a tradeshow or any LIVE event, you have very little time to actually distinguish yourself. Telling your story quickly and effectively starts - simply - by rolling out ...

…our Portable Flooring.

Jesse KNOWS flooring.

Yet, as the owner of a decorative concrete business - “The Basement Bud” - Jesse also knows most people do NOT know flooring. In fact, he estimates, nearly a quarter of his time is spent explaining to people what exactly it is that he does and how it’s different from other concrete companies.

“Well, we specialize in decorative concrete,” Jesse would typically say. “Basically, it’s an aesthetic enhancement with a shape, pattern, or specific design stamped into the concrete to make it look similar to natural stone and pavers. You see it all around you everyday, you just probably didn’t know it had an official name.”

Once that’s cleared up, Jesse usually receives a follow up question about the name of his company.

“We’re ‘The Basement Bud’ because we only do basements. While other decorative concrete businesses can do driveways, patios, steps, sidewalks, floating slabs, and pool decks, we ONLY do basements and we do them better than anyone else,” Jesse would answer.

This wasn’t hyperbole either; “The Basement Bud” had a perfect 5-star rating on Google with dozens of positive comments regarding Jesse’s work and professionalism. Jesse put a tremendous value on customer service offering free consultations and quotes, flexibility to build small or large projects, and the creative eye to design (and fully execute) customized projects one could only dream of.

Jesse loved it all, except for the part he couldn’t control: the disruptions to the supply chain.

So, for the first time, Jesse was planning a trip to Las Vegas for the “World of Concrete,” a three-day exhibit attracting 60-thousand industry professionals from around the world. Honored as one of the Top 100 Trade Shows by Trade Show Executive’s Gold 100, “World of Concrete” is an opportunity to network with other business leaders, equipment manufacturers and distributors, and experience the latest in technology and training. Also, of course, Jesse’s hoping this trip will help him find better ways to navigate the issues he’s been facing with getting particular products on-time.

Since this event is a top priority, Jesse’s decided he’s going to set up a trade show booth to enhance his chances for connection. Knowing how important is it to create a positive first impression, and recognizing his need to be comfortable while standing for three full days, Jesse googled “portable flooring for sale” and found us at Tradeshow-Stuff.

Our Portable Flooring helps you feel at HOME by creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable. Standing for long hours is grueling on the body, so our rollable trade show portable floor is made of high density, durable material specifically designed to save your (and your guests) feet with a comfortable, cushioned feel. Easy to set up, our portable floors simply roll out to give your presentation the look of a professional showroom in an instant.

Using specialized embossing technology during production to create a 3D texture, our rollable vinyl portable flooring for events look and feel like natural wood. Since adaptability is key, our Portable Flooring offers numerous realistic wood patterns to match the style - elegance, rustic charm, modern, etc - and dimensions you need.

Making a marvelous first impression in just seconds is overwhelming.

Beautiful flooring for your trade show booth has never been easier. Rollable trade show portable flooring makes setup a breeze plus our rollable vinyl flooring offers numerous realistic wood patterns all with unmatched dimensional stability. Achieve a classic or rustic wood look with the benefits of rollable vinyl flooring. The specialized embossing technology used during production creates three dimensional textures that look and feel like natural wood - so it's nearly impossible to tell the difference from any natural product. Whether you desire an atmosphere of elegance, rustic charm, warmth and comfort or one that's sleek and modern, our rollable vinyl flooring wood collection is appealing for every trade show exhibit.

You’re at the right place for Portable Flooring.

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Sale Price: $627.00

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Sale Price: $2,447.00
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Reg Price: $3,699.00
Sale Price: $3,097.00