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Table Drapes with logo

Table Drapes Printed with your Logo (Classic White)

“Now THAT is sharp.”
That is YOUR presentation everyone’s talking about. All eyes are fixating on you, allowing for the opportunity to share your purpose. It’s exactly what you deserve.

Creating that positive first impression is critical, and at a trade show or any LIVE event, you have very little time to actually distinguish yourself.
Telling your story quickly and effectively starts - simply - by removing those distracting. ...

...ugly table legs.

January 8th. That was the day it was all going to change for Clara.

In fact, January 8th had become Clara’s obsession, symbolizing an optimistic future for her small business. She’d had set daily reminders from her iPhone calendar for weeks, but recently Clara found herself plastering the date - in different forms (ie: The Eighth of January, JAN8, 01-08) - on every wall in her single bedroom apartment. Whenever she was feeling anxious from all the uncertainties, she’d start drawing, painting, or photoshopping a new January 8th image to hang on her wall as a sign to stay positive.

Clara’s small business spawned from her passion: food artistry. When she was little, while her parents were working, she’d spend summers in her Grandmother’s kitchen learning how to bake any and everything from scratch. Clara would read the recipes, but it was her Grandmother who taught her the art of going off script with daring dashes of particular ingredients for her own flavorful identity. With the oven bringing delicacy to life, Clara’s Grandmother would sprinkle in silly stories about her parents causing the two to laugh so hard they’d cry together. As Clara got older, her Grandmother began showing her nuances of decorating, encouraging Clara to use her creative gift as a way to bring joy to others.

The two had always dreamed about scheduling a road trip together where they would sell their special cakes under a large pop-up tent. Clara and her Grandmother wouldn’t need much, they figured, just their cakes, a tent, a table, and a printed table drape to earn them some credibility. While their company name and logo was still a work in progress (thus, they were holding off on the table drape with logo), they had agreed to donate a portion of their sales to a local non-profit focused on food insecurity.

But, Clara kept growing up. She went off to college, then started her corporate career. With her life becoming more demanding, her love for baking had been relegated to a rarely explored hobby and distant (favorite) memory with her Grandmother.

Then, four years ago, Clara’s Grandmother suddenly passed away.

Flooded with emotions, Clara found herself overcome with regret: why didn’t she ever prioritize their road trip? Why didn’t she follow her artistic passion as her Grandmother had encouraged?

Clara couldn’t let another day go by. To honor her Grandmother, she resigned her corporate job and opened her own custom bakery - “The Parched Poodle” - bringing joy to others through her beautiful cakes, cookies, and donuts. Clara, herself, was smiling again, too. On top of it, her store was an instant success, scoring free media publicity with her gorgeous food art and spirited story.

Soon, though, sales plateaued, then dipped, and now (following COVID) have completely tanked. There are plenty of reasons for this, although Clara’s actual product certainly isn’t one, as her brand maintains a near-perfect rating for its food, presentation, and service. However, the unfortunate reality is, none of that will matter if she’s not able to attract new customers soon.

January 8th. This one day - 8 of JAN - is Clara’s opportunity to capture a new market at the Florida Wedding Expo in Orlando where they’re expecting 150 exhibitors and between 20-50-thousand visitors. It’s not just about meeting happy couples looking for a wedding cake, it’s about introducing herself to bridal salons, photography studios, and flower boutiques for potential long-term partnerships.

It’s not that Clara was ever opposed to creating wedding cakes, in fact, she had always targeted this as a growth strategy, only it never quite clicked. This was mostly because of her bakery’s confusing name - “The Parched Poodle” - which seems cute, but is a major barrier for couple’s searching for an actual wedding cake.

While Clara wasn’t going to change the name - “The Parched Poodle” is a tribute to her Grandmother’s long-time loving poodle and affinity for alliteration - she was certain by focusing her energy on establishing new relationships she could create brand awareness as the quirky cake artist specializing in weddings.

On January 8th, she needed to be SHARP. She needed all eyes to be fixated on her beautiful cakes. She needed to finally invest in some table drapes.

So, Clara teamed up with us at tradeshow-stuff.

Our Table Drapes with Classic White Logo properly place the focus on your purpose by hiding the ugly, old table you’re set up at. These table drapes for trade shows are printed with your logo in classic white (or in full color) on any of our 17 premium fabric colors. Made of polyester twill, our table drape with logo is extremely durable providing the versatility you desire for indoor or outdoor events. You won’t need any pins or clips here, as our printed table drape comes in the size you need, is machine washable, and is affordable (these are NOT cheap table drapes).

Making a marvelous first impression in just seconds can seem overwhelming.

You’re at the right place.

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