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Custom Table Throw with Logo; evoLv. wrinkle-release

“We’ve never seen anything like this!”
That’s YOU. Your message is clearly landing because your presentation is perfectly put together. It’s exactly what you deserve. Creating that positive first impression is critical, and at a trade show or any LIVE event, you have very little time to actually distinguish yourself.

Telling your story quickly and effectively starts - simply - by properly ...
...placing the focus on your purpose.

Riley was swiping through all of the old pictures on her phone.

The fact she even had these photographs on her phone - and safely secured up in the cloud - was a testament to her organizational skills. Years ago, with the world quickly turning digital, Riley physically pulled all her old shoe boxes packed with photos from storage, sorted her favorites, and utilized the camera on her phone to snap pictures of each of them. Of course, she (then) proceeded to digitally edit all of them using the filter options and created a new “Oldies” folder to house them.

Swiping right through her collection, Riley noticed her 90’s teenage years had three distinct phases identifiable by her hair style: (1) the feathered bangs, (2) the Rachel, and (3) the face-framing messy bun. Reflecting back, these era’s were easily explainable, she thought.

(1) The Feathered Bangs -This was an early 90’s sensation thanks to Tiffani Amber Thiessen who starred as the popular girl - Kelly Kapowski - on NBC’s “Saved By Bell.” Every day after school, Riley would sprint home, make a plate of pizza rolls, and turn on the TV to watch the reruns.

(2) The Rachel -With “Friends” becoming a MASSIVE hit in the mid-90’s every girl wanted to be Rachel Green. Since only Jennifer Aniston could, Riley (and every other girl) chose to get “The Rachel” style.

(3) The Face-Framing Messy Bun -While this style was inspired by many in the late 90’s, Riley remembers seeing Gwyneth Paltrow sporting it in a magazine after she won the Oscar for Best Actress in “Shakespeare In Love.”

Smiling, Riley recognized she was exactly where she was supposed to be.

Riley had always been obsessed with fashion, which led her to opening her own boutique clothing store in the city. She had a small footprint in a limited market with no major online expansion strategies, yet she was happy, passionate, and able to pay the bills.

Given the ever-evolving, fast-paced nature of the fashion industry, Riley liked to stay on top of emerging trends by traveling to Las Vegas for the annual MAGIC “experience” (as it’s known); this three-day high-energy fashion convention is jam packed with young contemporary apparel, footwear, and unique accessories from all over the globe.

Riley was planning to attend (again) this year, however for the first time, she wanted to establish a presence to help her network and needed a trade show table cover. Understanding her target audience would be full of artistic designers, trend-setters, and fashionista’s, Riley felt the pressure to impress by putting together the perfect presentation.

Like the fashion industry itself, Riley wanted a custom printed table throw that felt transformative. One that was adaptable to any environment. A new table throw with logo to create a positive first impression to help her meet the moment.

So, Riley called us at tradeshow-stuff.

Our evoLv. Wrinkle-Release Table Covers properly place the focus on your purpose by hiding the ugly, old table you’re set up at. Our evoLv. custom table covers are printed with your logo in full color (or in classic white) on the background color of your choice. Made from our exclusive new wrinkle-release fabric, our evoLv. table cover is extremely durable providing the versatility you desire for indoor or outdoor events. You won’t need any pins or clips here, as our custom printed table throw comes in the size you need, is machine washable, and is very affordable.

Making a marvelous first impression in just seconds can seem overwhelming.

You’re at the right place with our evoLv. Wrinkle-Release Table Throw.

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