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Trade Show Foam Flooring Interlocking Tiles

“Wow, that’s comfortable!”
You’ve done it. You’ve found a positive solution to an ongoing issue, and now your message is landing with your audience. It’s exactly what you deserve.
Creating that positive first impression is critical and, at a tradeshow or any LIVE event, you have very little time to actually distinguish yourself. Telling your story quickly and effectively starts - simply - by creating a welcoming environment where ...
...everyone feels comfortable with our Trade Show Foam Flooring.
Gemma has finally decided to stand up for herself.

Growing up on a farm in Wisconsin, Gemma was the middle child sandwiched between a brother who was two-years older and a brother who was two-years younger. While all three children had specific chores, Gemma was the most responsible one who quietly made sure everything got done on-time. When her brothers would ask her if she’d finish their work so they could go play, go to practice, go out with friends, Gemma always agreed to take on the extra load without complaining. She liked helping others and liked how it made her feel valuable.

This inherent goodness wasn’t limited to her home environment; no matter how difficult it was or how much discomfort it brought her, Gemma was consistently putting others needs before herself at school, then college, and now as a national sales representative for a rising agricultural company. She was happy and her role within the company was perfect because she could focus on helping others find the right solutions to fit their needs.

Recently though - through many long, vulnerable discussions with her therapist - Gemma has started to recognize how unhealthy her supremely selfless behavior is. As she continues to bend over backwards to make sure everyone else is happy and likes her, she’s denying her own human needs by stuffing her true feelings deep down inside.

Gemma is a people-pleaser, and - as she’s gotten older - this has made her feel (mostly) insignificant and (definitely) like a pushover.

So, Gemma has finally decided to stand up for herself.

It starts with the World Dairy Expo, an enormous annual event bringing together the top agricultural researchers, technical experts, and executives from around the world to Madison, Wisconsin. To say it’s THE leading agricultural exhibition may be more accurate as last year the World Dairy Expo attracted nearly 55-thousand people, 675 companies (from 44 states and 24 countries), and more than 400 sponsors.

Gemma has represented her agricultural company at the World Dairy Expo for 7-straight years now and never told her Manager about the issue she’s been dealing with because she didn’t “want to be a burden.” But, this year, she was prepared to share the truth: standing and walking on concrete floors 10-hours a day for 5-consecutive days is extremely painful.

Instead of unload a problem without a simple solution, Gemma decided to present an affordable option to her Manager. Wanting something easy to set up, Gemma had seen a couple of her competitors use these convenient interlocking trade show flooring tiles.

So, she googled: “foam flooring trade show booth” and teamed up with us at Tradeshow-Stuff.

Our Trade Show Foam Flooring helps you feel at HOME by creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable. Standing for long hours is grueling on the body, so our anti-fatigue interlocking foam flooring is made of high density, durable material that’s specifically designed to save your (and your guests) feet with a comfortable, cushioned feel. Adaptability is key and these interlocking foam flooring tiles conveniently snap together to give your presentation the look of a professional showroom in an instant.

Making a marvelous first impression in just seconds is overwhelming.

You’re at the right place for Trade Show Foam Flooring.

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