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Trade Show TV Stand; up to 70" monitors

“Amazing, I’ve never seen that before…”
That’s you. YOU are amazing. You’re owning the room and attracting attention to your purpose. It’s exactly what you deserve.

Creating that positive first impression is critical and, at a tradeshow or any LIVE event, you have very little time to actually distinguish yourself. Telling your story quickly and effectively starts - simply - by showing ...

…visuals for a DYNAMIC presence.

Leah was adamant - her company needed an Influencer.

Admittedly, the idea of paying a young adult with hundreds of thousands of followers to rep her company’s innovation on social media was not her first choice. But, after conducting extensive market and economic research, Leah was (now) convinced her company needed to prioritize a grassroots, Influencer-based advertising campaign over a traditional media push.

The reason for this, Leah thought, was simple: their product tests well with health-conscious young adults under 40 because of its exclusive technology. Yes, this is a bathroom scale tracking full body composition like weight, BMI, muscle, body fat, water, and bone composition, but it uniquely connects that information with one’s sleep and mental health patterns in a single app giving a daily rating for full mind/body wellness.

The bathroom scale was destined to become a massive success and positively change the world, except for one major detail - its name. The brand name was totally confusing and hard to pronounce. In fact, this had become a point of contention for Leah because - as the company’s Marketing Director - she had vehemently warned the executive team against the name, suggesting something (anything) less annoyingly alliterate.

Seriously, she wondered, who names a bathroom scale “The Equal Equilibrium Scale?”

Leah still couldn’t believe they’d ended up there. A year ago, with the technology and scale already developed, the company’s co-founder led a series of branding meetings with the executive team using visuals on a Trade Show TV Stand. From the start, he clearly communicated his passion for this product by emotionally stating the company would prioritize people over profit because it’s what his Mother would’ve wanted. Right at that moment, held up by a trade show monitor stand, was an LED TV screen with a close-up picture of his Mother and brooding music underneath setting the mood. To show a commitment to this altruistic ideal, the co-founder said, the new bathroom scale would utilize the initials E.E. to honor his late-mother, who’s picture was still held up by the tradeshow tv stand.

When he’d finished speaking the room was nearly silent with members of the executive team discreetly wiping away tears having been overcome by the impassioned (impromptu) speech. Caught up in the moment, everyone agreed using the initials E.E. was purposeful and wouldn’t be an issue.

But, after two weeks of meetings, reality settled in: shoehorning initials into a brand name was really difficult. Compounding it, every potential name the team came up with - including “The Equal Equilibrium Scale” - tested poorly with an audience. Yet, no one (not even Leah) had the guts to respectfully stand up to the co-founder, offer a critique, and ask him to reconsider his E.E. challenge. Instead the entire team just went along with it, ultimately choosing the best name of the worst.

So, now, Leah was adamant - “The Equal Equilibrium Scale” needed an Influencer. And, not just any Influencer, the RIGHT Influencer who’s already built an audience in the mind/body wellness space and has the ability to authentically connect their innovative scale to a younger generation.

Instead of jumping into the DM’s (direct messages), Leah planned to find her content creator with an important 4-day business trip to Chicago for North America’s largest housewares trade show - “The Inspired Home Show” - which was hosting its first ever “Influencer Expo.” Knowing most Influencers are conditioned to flip through ideas quickly on social media, Leah decided to effectively attract attention in the same way her co-founder did with moving visuals on a monitor stand trade show.

Leah teamed up with us at tradeshow-stuff.

Our Trade Show TV Stand gives you a DYNAMIC presence to attract attention to your purpose. Specifically designed to be portable, this Tradeshow TV Stand is easy to assemble allowing you to safely mount your TV or monitor quickly for a professional presentation. Adaptability is key and our Trade Show Monitor Stand can be configured to maximize visibility at different types of shows while (also) coming in the height, size, and style you need. Showing visuals by adding a portable TV stand for trade show will instantly enhance your exhibit for an affordable price (our TV Stand Trade Show is NOT cheap).

Making a marvelous first impression in just seconds is overwhelming.

You’re at the right place. Explore our selection of trade show monitor stands and find the perfect one to match your style. We’ve got everything from wheeled monitor carts and portable monitor stands to touchscreen monitor stands, kiosks, mobile stations and even dual monitor stands. Rise above the competition with a tall monitor stand, and safely mount your TV or monitor to give your exhibit a professional look. Our stands are specifically designed for events and commercial environments where portability and ease of assembly is paramount. Don’t struggle with other manufacturers and their hard-to-assemble TV monitor stands. LCD/LED electronic displays effectively engage customers, and our portable monitor stands are ideal to help maximize your visibility at all different types of trade shows.

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