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Do I need to add bleed to my artwork?
All truss graphics must be designed to the appropriate template under the artwork specifications tab. Within this template there is a bleed line indicated, and trim line and a safe zone. You must desi
Do I need to design my artwork right on the template?
Yes. It is preferred that you design your artwork in Adobe Illustrator on the design layer inside the appropriate template. Do not delete the template before uploading. We need to check your artwork a
How to view a print file at actual print size?
View at actual Size : [download instructions]
My template is at half size. What resolution should my photos or raster elements be?
When designing at half size (50% scale), all photos or other raster elements should be between 200-240 pixels/inch. At print size (100% scale) they should be between 100-120 pixels/inch.
Starting with high quality images/photos
When working at a large scale with photos or other raster images, it is important to start with high quality images. Downloading professional images from stock photo sites like is a g
What is the best way to enlarge my photos to my desired print size?
When enlarging photos to print size, it is best to use Photoshop. Enlarging images inside of Illustrator is not recommended. This can cause some severe pixilation. Open the original high resolution fi
What software should I use to design my Truss Graphics?
Adobe Illustrator is the preferred design software for all large scale displays. Any photos should be enlarged to proper size and resolution in photoshop, then placed and embedded in the Illustrator d