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Stretch Table Covers With Logo

“Oh look, we HAVE to check that one out.”
That “one” is YOU everyone’s talking about. Your presentation is sparkling and the entire room is buzzing about your booth, allowing you the opportunity to share your purpose. It’s exactly what you deserve.

Creating that positive first impression is critical and, at a tradeshow or any LIVE event, you have very little time to actually distinguish yourself. Telling your story quickly and effectively starts - simply - with some sass ...

...that’ll put an end to ugly tables.

Charlotte can’t remember exactly when it flipped, although it’s been trending this way long before becoming a national crisis dissected in the daily news.

Back in the day, when Charlotte was graduating from college, she had to aggressively network just to get her foot in the door for a potential opportunity at an entry-level job that’d pay her minimum wage. Today, as a Chief Nursing Officer at a healthcare organization, Charlotte is still aggressively networking only now she’s having to recruit potential employees because of the ongoing staffing shortage.

This isn’t exactly new, although it’s been exacerbated by the Pandemic, which radically changed how, when, and where we work. Millions of people left their jobs to gain control over their careers and (ultimately) gained leverage over employers in the seismic shift coined, “The Great Resignation.” Given the danger and uncertainty our front-line healthcare workers were experiencing, many professionals quit the industry feeling anxious, under-appreciated, and burnt out.

The result: Registered Nurse is the most in-demand, high-paying job in the United States.

So, trade shows have become THE vital event to woo prospective employees. Last year, at the Healthcare Design Conference + Expo in San Antonio, Texas, Charlotte’s organization stood out because of her decision to go with the stretch table covers with logo, which perfectly (and snugly) fit the table and hide the ugly legs with sass. Charlotte understood every detail matters, and these custom stretch table covers helped her connect with hundreds of potential Registered Nurses, from which she hired 12.

It’s so different from when she was attending her first trade show at 22-years old. Charlotte set a goal to end the day with at least two significant connections that could lead to a job in healthcare. Understanding that - at this time - the organizations top priority at a trade show was NOT on job seekers, Charlotte prepped HARD for her day; she checked out who would be exhibiting, printed out the floor plan, mapped out her visits by location, invested in business cards, purchased a special outfit, and practiced conversation starters. Her hard work paid off as one healthcare organization noticed her passion, offered her a job, and she’s been with them - climbing the ladder - ever since.

And, ever since, she’s seen the healthcare system morph.

COVID may have strained the system - employment for Registered Nurses declined 3% between 2020-2021, the largest decline in at least 20 years - but the U.S. has been projecting this RN shortage for years because of the nation’s aging population with the Baby Boomer generation requiring more medical care. On top of that, nursing schools across the country are struggling to expand for a variety of reasons, forcing hospitals across the country to offer major incentives like tuition reimbursement.

Since it worked so well last year, Charlotte’s going back to the Healthcare Design Conference + Expo in San Antonio to attract new workers to join her team.

Before she does, she’ll (again) team up with us at tradeshow-stuff to make her presentation sparkle.

Our Stretch Table Covers with Logo properly place the focus on your purpose by hiding the ugly, old table you’re set up at. These custom stretch table covers are printed with your logo in full color (or in classic white) on our premium stretch fabric that fits snugly over the table’s surface and legs to give you a contemporary design that’s virtually wrinkle-free. Our custom spandex table covers are extremely durable providing the versatility you desire for indoor or outdoor events. You won’t need any pins or clips here, as our custom stretch tablecloth comes in the size you need, are machine washable, and are affordable (this stretchy table cover with logo is very affordable, NOT cheap).

Making a marvelous first impression in just seconds is overwhelming.

You’re at the right place.

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