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Trade Show TableCloths with logo

Trade Show TableCloths with Logo (in Full-Color)

“Did you see that?”
That is YOUR unmistakable message everyone’s talking about. It’s clear. It’s concise. It’s exactly what you deserve.

Creating that positive first impression is critical, and at a trade show or any LIVE event, you have very little time to actually distinguish yourself.
Telling your story quickly and effectively starts - simply - by deceptively ...

...covering those ugly table legs.

“It’s a Care-ig… for Cocktails.”

Sam knows when you’re trying to persuade people about an intriguing idea it’s best to (first) make a comparison to another popular idea. This helps give the idea an identity, allowing it to feel more familiar and less risky. By eliminating the fear of the unknown, it’s now easier to communicate HOW your idea is unique to an audience more willing to listen.

Sam’s simple five-word pitch - “It’s a Care-ig… for Cocktails” - instantly captivated potential investors who already loved coffee, drank alcohol, and understood the simplicity of their own Care-ig machines. By the time he was ready to unveil his design, one he’d had artistically drawn up on a canvas that was covered on an easel on a separate table blanketed with a trade show tablecloth with logo, Sam was confident he’d found his funding.

“The Best Bartender” is like having your very own personal mixologist to pour you the perfect cocktail in just seconds. Instead of coffee, all you have to do is connect the included water bottle and five (750ml) bottles of liquor to the Care-ig. Then, with more than 40 cocktail capsules to choose from, pick your flavor - Margarita, Martini, Old-Fashioned, etc - and choose how strong you want your drink. Lastly, click “Mix” and “The Best Bartender” does the rest.

Simple. Convenient. And, given Sam’s branding prominently showcased on his custom tablecloth with logo, sleek.

His presentation was an enormous success with positive comments ranging from the Care-ig’s slick shape to his brand’s trendy design featured on those custom tablecloths.

Unfortunately, scoring financial support was the easy part. A series of setbacks delayed Sam’s innovative product so severely “The Best Bartender” never actually made it to customers, forcing Sam to make the difficult decision to pull back from a (now) saturated market full of established brands.

Wisely, Sam pivoted.

Recognizing it was too late for “The Best Bartender” to be the pioneer in the “Care-ig for cocktails” market, Sam focused on finding the common criticisms of his competitors. Many consumers wished the machine would hold more than five bottles, while others wanted it to connect to larger bottles. However, the largest critique was that it was extremely difficult to clean.

Sam understood he didn’t have to invent the machine, in fact, he could learn from others’ mistakes and turn “The Best Bartender” into the actual best.

Addressing consumer’s criticisms, Sam’s team re-designed “The Best Bartender” to hold more (seven) large (1.75L) bottles, allowing people to save at the liquor store on items that’ll last much longer. With the Care-ig machine becoming larger, “The Best Bartender” could now store the unused capsules inside and - through WIFI connection - utilize a voice-command technology to automatically mix the drink (just don’t forget the glass). Most importantly, Sam’s team developed a self-rinsing technology making it easy to clean.

With a select number of prototypes, Sam felt it was time to get “The Best Bartender” in front of an audience for a soft launch to gain some authentic feedback. The Denver Home Show in March was an ideal event for Sam to clearly share his message with thousands of people and other exhibitors.

So, like he did before his huge meeting with investors, Sam teamed up with us at tradeshow-stuff.

Our Trade Show Tablecloths with full-color logo properly places the focus on your purpose by hiding the ugly, old table you’re set up at. These custom logo tablecloths are printed with your logo in full color (or in classic white) on any of our 17 premium fabric colors. Made of polyester twill, our Trade Show Tablecloths are extremely durable providing the versatility you desire for indoor or outdoor events. You won’t need any pins or clips here, as our custom tablecloth with logo comes in the size you need, is machine washable, and is shockingly affordable.

Making a marvelous first impression in just seconds can seem overwhelming.

You’re at the right place for Trade Show Tablecloths.

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